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Cat claws should never have to lead to property damage, declawing, or relinquishment!

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DECLAW RESOURCES & ARTICLES, stay up-to-date on this swiftly moving animal welfare issue:

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"Declawing: A Rational Look" by Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM

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  • Declawing: Do You Really Understand What This Means? Long list of resources!

  • A clearinghouse of declaw websites and resources:

  • The Declaw Hall of Shame exposes the vets that "pimp" declaw surgery.                                                                           

  • "Declaw = Detoe" from Stray Pet Advocacy. Long list of excellent resources!

  • "The Price Of Convenience", Best Friends Animal Society

  • Top 9 Reasons NOT to Declaw a Cat from About.Cats.

  • THE PAW PROJECT (501c3) promotes public awareness to the dangers of declawing. This project was founded by Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM who helped to pass the 2003 West Hollywood, CA declaw ban! In 2005, Dr. Conrad moderated a Best Friends NMHP forum "What's Wrong With Declawing?"and responded to questions like:        
  • Does declawing keep cats in homes?,                         
  • But my declawed cats do fine!, and
  • My vet said laser surgery was better.
  • The WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA DECLAW BAN!  We salute Dr. Jennifer Conrad, The Paw Project, Attorney Orly Degani, and West Hollywood Mayor John Duran for their work on the WEST HOLLYWOOD DECLAW BAN!  In an Oct 18, 2007 Beverly Press article "Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Declawing", Mayor Duran said, "...From the time I introduced this ordinance, I was confident that protecting animals from mutilation was the right thing to do no matter who opposed it. Declawing amounts to amputation and we should call it what it is. Animals deserve the right to exist the same way they were born and not be "adapted" to meet people's needs...Cruelty to animals and mutilation of animals is not consistent with our civic values...Animals are not property, they are living creatures here on our planet, just as we are. I think someday people will look back and say "wow, they really did that to their animals?"" (Amy Lyons, Vol 17 No. 42, Oct 18, 2007 ) WE THANK YOU FOR SETTING THIS PRECEDENT IN OUR COUNTRY!!

     ****AS OF DECEMBER 2009, EIGHT CALIFORNIA CITIES HAVE BANNED ANIMAL DECLAWING BY LAW, DECLARING IT ANIMAL CRUELTY : West Hollywood (2003), Santa Monica (2009), San Francisco (2009), Los Angeles (2009), Beverly Hills (2009), Berkeley (2009), Culver City (2009), and Burbank (2009). Malibu and Marin County also passed resolutions in 2009 declaring declawing as cruel and inhumane.


    Veterinary Associations and Animal Welfare Organizations a
    ll agree that scratching is a natural behavior for all cats and it is medically unnecessary to declaw a cat.

    *The American Veterinary Medical Assoc                                                        
    *American Assoc of Feline Practitioners
    *American Animal Hospital Assoc
    *American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    *Humane Society of the United States
    *Cat Fancier Association
    *The Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR) position statement on cat declawing acknowledges behavior changes after declaw surgery:

    "Cat declawing,  or onychectomy, is an amputation of a portion of a cat’s front toes and sometimes those of the back feet, as well. Declawing involves putting the cat under anesthesia and then cutting through each of the ten last joints, including skin, tendons, and nerves, thereby removing the distal phalanx (last bone) of each toe. The recovery from declawing can be painful and lengthy and may involve postoperative complications. These include infection, hemorrhage, persistent “phantom” pain, lameness, and nail regrowth, sometimes requiring additional surgery. Because scratching is a natural behavior in cats, the human caretaker should  redirect this instinctive behavior by providing environmental enrichments to alter the cat’s scratching behavior away from furniture. In addition to the substitution of an acceptable scratching post,  the use of nail caps (Soft Paws), repellent material on target areas (Sticky Paws), and more frequent trimming of cats’   nails frequently resolve the issue. Anecdotal evidence of behavior changes occurring post-onychectomy provides compelling support for the observation that declawing cats increases their likelihood of expressing litter box avoidance and aggressive biting. The studies done so far to analyze this relationship have been limited in their ability to control multiple variables and form a definitive conclusion. However, the observations of many veterinary practitioners and behaviorists give strong  support for these connections. "